How To Get Dog Poop off Bottom of Shoes? (20 Ways)

It’s a nasty thought for sure but dog poop can be an ugly problem that often makes the bottom of your shoes look like they have been through a war zone. So how do you get dog poop off the bottom of shoes?

Read below for many ways (some unusual)to solve this common and annoying problem.

Top Ways To Get Dog Poop off Bottom of Shoes

1. Use a dry kleenex
This first suggestion is a very simple one. Buy a pack of kleenex tissues and keep them in your bag and car to use on the spot.

If you see that you have stepped in dog poop and it has gotten onto your shoe, simply grab a tissue and wipe the bottom of it while still standing there.

This will not only clean off all the excrement on your shoe, but it will also do it very discreetly!

2. Use snow
Another suggestion is to use snow. If you can’t find any kleenex, then try to wait for a storm to come around.

Once it has, take some snow in your hand and wipe the bottom of your shoe with it. This will wipe up any unwanted mess off the bottom while not making a sloppy mess.

3. Use a napkin or paper towel
Another idea is to grab a napkin or paper towel from your car or house and use it to clean off the bottom of your shoe.

This is especially helpful if you have been walking around in dog poop all day and don’t want to stop at every moment to clean your shoes off, but can’t handle the smell either!

4. Use a bar of soap
If you still can’t find any tissue, then try to use bar of soap to clean off your shoe.

The smell may linger on, but it is much more effective than just using a napkin or paper towel on the bottom of your shoes!

Simply wet your bottom with warm water, gently rub your shoes on the soap all over, and wipe them off with the bar of soap.

5. Use rubbing alcohol
Another great tip is to use rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol has gotten some bad reviews in the past, but you can still use it to remove all the dog poop from your shoes by putting a little bit in water and wiping it off.

This will dry up all the dog poop and leave your shoes smelling better and feeling lighter.

6. Use the Scrape Brush
This next suggestion is not an easy one, but it’s definitely worth it!

If you have a dog, you probably own a “Scrape Brush.” These brushes are used to scrape the bottom of your shoes clean by putting them in between the bristles.

They are sturdy enough to help remove anything from the bottoms of your shoes that might be stuck there, such as dirt, sand, mud, jam or—you guessed it—dog poop!

7. Use a comb
If you’ve tried all of the other suggestions, then try using a comb.

Combs are perfect for simply removing dog poop from the bottom of your shoe by running the teeth of it over every surface.

If you do this, you’ll be sure to get all of the dog poop off, even if it got stuck between the cracks!

8. Use baby wipes
Another suggestion is to use baby wipes. These are ideal for removing the dog poop from your shoes and removing all the foul smell.

Baby wipes are also great for cleaning other areas of the house such as couches, stoves or beds.

Simply wipe your shoes on them and wipe your hands off with them at the same time!

9. Use WD-40
This next suggestion is something that people have been using for years!

If you’ve tried all of these other suggestions and they have failed, you can try using WD-40.

WD-40 is a grease remover, so it will remove dog poop off the bottom of your shoe as well!

10. Use warm water
And finally, you can try using warm water. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require you to use any special tools.

Simply wet the bottom of your shoe with warm water and rub it off with a cloth. This will remove dog poop from the bottom of your shoes without leaving you with an embarrassing smelly moment!

11. Wrap in foil and put in the freezer
In case of emergencies, this is always an option. You can wrap up your shoes in a piece of foil, and stick them right in the freezer.

Any bacteria that might be living on your shoes will freeze and die, which will also help remove some of the smell.

Be careful when you take them out though, because they will most likely be frozen solid.

12. Use a spray bottle
Instead of using wipes, you can use a spray water bottle.

This will make it easier for you to clean your shoes off and will prevent any mess from getting into your car or house.

Simply spray water all over the bottom of your shoe and wipe it off with a paper towel.

13. Use a toothbrush
Use an old toothbrush that is at least 2 inches wide. When you do this, you will be able to reach all of the dog poop on the bottom of your shoe, even if it is stuck even in between the cracks!

Use normal toothpaste on the brush as well.

14. Use a piece of toilet paper
Instead of using wipes, use a piece of toilet paper. This will help not only get the smell off your shoe but also make sure that you don’t pick up any dog poop onto the bottom of your shoe.

The paper will also absorb the extra water and make it easier to wipe off!

15. Use a hot water rag
If none of these suggestions work, then use a hot water rag to get all the dog poop off your shoes.

Simply pour some hot water into a bowl and grab a kitchen towel out of the cupboard. Dampen the kitchen towel with the hot water, wring it out and wipe your shoes clean!

16. Use a bobby pin
If you want to find another trick for cleaning your shoes without having to use any tools, then try using a bobby pin or any similar item to clean your shoes.

Simply run the bobby pin along all of the cracks in your shoe and wipe off all of the dog poop with it!

This will work best when you run it along where the two spaces are because that’s where most of the dog poop tends to get stuck.

17. Take your shoes off
It is important to take your shoes off when they become too smelly!

If you put them on, even if they are clean, it releases all of that smelly smell into your shoe and makes you even more embarrassed.

So, if you are ready to clean your shoes, then it is best to take them off.

The best thing to do is to put them on a hard surface and cover them up with a towel so that they continue the drying process even after you’ve cleaned them with all the methods above!

18. Salt it away
If the problem is bad enough, you might want to do this before you do any of the other things I just mentioned.

A lot of dog owners will use salt to try and get rid of an odor caused by poo, and although it might not get rid of all the smells, it will help for awhile.

19. Orange juice and dish soap to dissolve the mess
This is another great solution for getting dog poop stains out of your shoes when you can’t get to a store or don’t have time to go home and clean up your shoes immediately after a walk with your dog.

You’ll want to start by spraying your shoes down with a good quality cleaner that will dissolve the stains, but be sure to do this outside because dish soap can leave behind streaks on your shoes.

Mix in some orange juice, because it has enzymes that will break down the dog poop.

Make sure you get this mixture all over the stained area before you try and clean it up with a paper towel or rag.

20. Dry cleaning solvent
If you know that there is still poop on the bottom of your shoes even after you have tried all of these solutions, dry cleaning solvent will be your best bet at removing the stains and smells.

This is always the final option to get poop stains out of shoes, but it’s also a pretty strong-smelling chemical that might not be right for everyone.

If you follow these suggestions, then you’ll be on your way to having dog poop-free shoes!

Final Thoughts

Most of these suggestions don’t require any special tools or supplies that can be found in your home.

You should now have a shoe that is clean and comfortable, but smells like roses!


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