How to Stop My Dog From Licking Other Dogs Pee? (Solved)

How to stop my dog from licking other dogs pee? An issue many owners have tried desperately to resolve.

Every year many dog owners face the same problem: their dog likes to lick other dog’s urine.

If you’re facing this situation, then take a deep breath and relax because there’s a way to deal with it properly.

Consider some of these tips on how to get your dog to stop licking other dogs pee.

Ways To Stop It From Happening

Here are 10 ways to stop this from happening. Please note that some of these can be combined.

1. Supervise

Whenever your dog is in a public place, make sure it stays on the leash.

It is important to correct the behavior every time you see it happening.

The first time you see your dog doing this, you should avoid making eye contact and call your dog away from the area immediately.

If possible, walk away from the situation to avoid giving them attention to that particular act.

You can train them by using a stop word when they are about to do their business e.g down and then reward them for that behavior if they actually do their business elsewhere e.g. petting.

This way they will learn to stop in a public place to do their business.

2. Keep him occupied

By keeping your dog busy through exercise and mental stimulation, the licking may decrease. Keeping your dog’s mouth busy with toys can also help.

By keeping your dog occupied with playtime, chew time, or anything else that he might find fun for 20 minutes at a time, you can help lessen the instances of him wanting to lick other dogs’ pee.

3. Train him

You can train him to stop the licking by using a lightly tapped on his nose. This will show him that it is not a good thing to do and stop him from licking, until it is corrected.

4. Reward good behavior

If you are consistent in stopping your dog from licking, and also rewarding good behavior, he will learn to stop licking in a public place.

But remember to look away immediately after you correct him. To avoid unwanted attention.

5. Use a muzzle

If your dog is already licking at other dogs’ pee, you can try using a muzzle on him when going out with him to stop him from licking at other dogs’ pee.

Remember that muzzles can be used only when the dog is under control.

The muzzle should have straps that go behind his ears to avoid swelling of the mouth and injury around his lips or face.

6. Avoid other animals or people

If you have a dog with behavior problems, then it’s your obligation to avoid situations where people or animals can aggravate him.

So just take your dog out at times when people and animals are not around.

If possible try avoiding the times when there are a lot of dogs around, so he will not be tempted to lick at other dogs’ pee at that time.

7. Use citronella collar

You can use a citronella collar on your dog if he is already licking other dogs’ pee outside the home e.g in public places.

You can use a citronella collar in your backyard too, but they do not have that effect on dogs when they are outside.

However, dogs can get “used” to the scent of the citronella and then continue the licking.

8. Avoid playing in the public area and bring him inside

You can be careful to avoid playing around in any public place or areas, especially if it is a park where many dogs are present.

Most dog experts recommend avoiding playing with your dog in parks as this may lead to aggression with other dogs (usually ones who are even younger than your dog).

So try to avoid these places where there lots of people and other dogs.

9. Reward him in the right way

You can reward your dog if it is sitting or lying beside you instead of licking at other dogs’ pee.

Create a good association between doing these regular activities and getting treats or petting.

You can give him some small treats when he sits or lies beside you and then praises him with a “Good boy!”

10. Negative reinforcement

You can use a spray bottle or water gun to discourage your dog from licking at other dogs’ pee.

The best time to do this is when you are walking your dog in public places and he starts to lick at other dogs’ pee.

If you have a small puppy, then you can also use squirt bottles to train them not to do this behavior and reward them when they follow through with what you showed them e.g walking away from that spot.

11. Make your dog nervous

You can also subtly make your dog nervous, so that he will be less likely to engage in that behavior.

You can do this by “pretending” to fight with him. For example, when he starts licking at other dogs’ urine strongly say “No!”.

Then walk away immediately when you have corrected him and/or reward him with treats or petting if he does his business elsewhere outside.

This way you will be able to avoid unwanted attention from other people, while keeping your dog from licking at other dogs’ pee.

12. Lead him away from it

When you are walking your dog and he starts licking at other dogs’ pee, you should bring him away from it immediately e.g by walking a few steps back and reward him for not doing it again or doing his business elsewhere e.g petting or treats if he does his business elsewhere in the park or lawn area.

13. Put your dog on a leash and walk away

When you see another dog peeing, you can put your dog on a leash and walk away to distract him from the other dog peeing.

You can also reward him with treats or petting when he is not licking at other dogs’ pee.

Or try to bring him into his crate or to his bed if he has one so that he can be less distracted by the surroundings.

14. Expose your dog to the situation

If your dog is already doing this and you do nothing, it’s best to expose him to the situation so that he does not associate this action with good behavior.

Do not try to ignore it or show indifference towards your dog. Put a stop to it and make him understand what he should be acting like in public so he associates this action with bad behavior, instead of better behavior.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, there are no surefire ways to prevent your dog from licking at other dogs’ pee.

However, following the above-mentioned methods, you may be able to stop your dog from licking at other dogs’ pee.

First of all, be aware that any actions you take to discourage this behavior in your dog will take time and patience.

No magic pill or potion exists for this problem. So do not expect an overnight change in this behavior.

You will have to work on your dog for quite some time.

If you have a problem dog, try to prevent this behavior as much as possible and even if it’s impossible to avoid this behavior entirely, you can reduce the frequency or intensity of it.

This will be the best way of helping your dog with this problem.

Finally, do not let your dog lick at other dogs’ pee in public areas without paying attention to it.

As with any behavior, if you have any evidence that your dog is not behaving normally and licking at other dogs’ pee outside the home, then take immediate steps to reinforce or change the behavior.







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