My Dog Goes to Bed Without Me – Reasons and Cures!

If you have a pet, it can sometimes be hard to know what they’re doing when you’re not around.

Oftentimes, your dog will go to bed without you because they are bored or overstimulated.

They’ll go to bed because their instincts tell them it’s time to sleep.  

On the other hand, you may find them wide awake when you are ready to hit the hay.

In order to ensure that your dog gets a good night’s sleep, you need to figure out why they go to bed without you.

Reasons Why Your Dog Goes to Bed Without You

1. It’s reached a certain time and it thinks it is bedtime:
There are several reasons for your dog to go to bed without you.

The first one is that, after a certain time, your dog thinks the day is already over and it is time for it to sleep.

For example, if you usually go to bed between 10 pm and 11 pm your dog will recognize these times as its sleeping times.

If you want to avoid this problem I recommend getting another dog, so they won’t have the same schedule! Haha…

2. Your dog doesn’t like the location of its bed and prefers your bedroom instead:
Some dogs don’t like their beds.

For example, they will settle in a corner of the room and prefer a nice spot under your bed or right next to it!

This is usually a problem if you have more than one dog.

The solution for this is very simple: get all the dogs the same type of bed.

3. Your dog is afraid of you:
Some dogs may be scared of their owners, so if you let them stay in your bedroom expect some problems.

You can solve this by giving some treats each time you go to sleep and trying to make it comfortable instead of scary.

4. Your dog is afraid of the bed itself:
You can solve this problem by giving your dog different kinds of beds.

For example, get one with raised edges so it doesn’t feel quite so exposed or get one with less padding.

The more comfortable the bed is for your dog, the less it will fear its own bed or you!

5. Your dog wants attention:
Some dogs don’t want their owners to go to sleep. So, you have to make sure your dog is happy with your schedule.

For example, if you leave for work early in the morning and come back late at night, this may be a big change for your dog.

5. Your dog is not confident about itself:
This is very common in small dogs, especially puppies.

If your dog doesn’t feel confident about itself it will try to join you on your bed because it feels safe there.

This is a very bad solution, so one of the best things you can do for a dog that wants to sleep with you is to avoid sleeping on the bed with it.

This solves all problems mentioned above.

6. Your dog is in a bad mood:
Some dogs get angry when they are in a bad mood and then they will try to punish everyone around them!

A simple way to solve this would be to avoid your dog’s favourite pastime, such as going for a walk, when you go to bed at night.

It also works the other way around – if your dog is happy, you will be too!

Now, if your dog doesn’t reach any of these reasons it can still go to bed without you.

The solution for this would be something that makes your dog keep your company at night.

For example, a TV or radio that will play at night so your dog can hear it from its bed.

7. Your dog is in a bad mood because it needs some attention:
This is probably the most common reason for dogs to go to bed without you.

If your dog isn’t getting enough attention or your kids are making too much noise, it can cause real problems for your dog.

The best way to fix this is to stop doing things that annoy it and give all the attention a happy dog needs!

8. Your dog has separation anxiety:
This is a serious problem for owners, but also for dogs.

The dog will try to go back to its owners and keep them company at night!

One of the best way to fix this is to leave your dog with a trusted person and make sure they always love and care about it.

9. Your dog is ill:
When your dog is sick, it may not be able to sleep at all.

But, since you wouldn’t want your dog dying on the floor I think this situation has already been solved!

As long as your dog is getting enough attention and feeling good it will be able to sleep well!

10. Your dog doesn’t like its routine:
Some dogs adapt very quickly and some take a long time to adapt to new situations and routines.

If you try to change something that your dog doesn’t like, such as a new type of food, it will behave like it is in a bad mood.

The best thing you can do for this problem is to give your dog enough attention and exercise and let it rest when it needs to.

11. You are giving your dog too much attention at night:
Some dogs are very demanding when it comes to attention.

If you give all the attention to your dog at night, you will ruin its routine and it will start to go to bed without you!

The best way to fix this problem is to get your dog used to a routine and giving it just a little attention before going to bed.

Final Thoughts

If your dog goes to bed without you, it’s probably because you are doing something wrong.

If your dog is afraid of one of the reasons mentioned above, make sure to fix the problem!

If you don’t want to give up your bed for your dog, try making it comfortable and nice for them.

Every dog needs its own bed, so make sure you get one!

And if all else fails, try using a dog crate to keep them at your side while you sleep through the night.



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