Single Door vs Double Door Dog Crate (Solved and Explained)

Choosing between a single door vs double door dog crate can be a tough decision.

In order to help you make an informed choice, below are some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing which type of crate to go with.

Single Door Vs Double Door Dog Crate: Which is better for you?

1. Single door crates are easier to clean and transport

The only thing you have to do is lift up on the handle located at the top of the single door dog crates and it will fold down (allowing it to be stored or transported).

To lift up the door of a double door dog crate you must loosen the screws on the hinges and lift them up.

2. Double door has better air circulation

If you are looking for air circulation, then a double door is the way to go.

There is more space between the doors than there is with single door crates, giving it less of a claustrophobic feel for your dog.

Some dogs that get nervous or anxious will do better in an open crate where they can see all around them and feel more secure.

This is great if you are training your dog, as they will be able to see what you are doing with positive reinforcement and not get startled by anything going on around them or feel trapped in one area.

3. Double door crates are more expensive than single door

If you are looking to save money and put away a few dollars for the holidays, then you should think about going with a single door crate.

The reason being that double door crates cost more is that they have large doors with hinges.

Hinges add to the cost of the crate and also take up space which will make the crate bigger overall.

4. Double door crates will cost more to ship but may be necessary if you have larger dogs.

If your dog is large, or you plan to use this crate for multiple dogs that must be housebroken, then shipping costs can add up quickly.

There are double door dog crates that are large enough to accommodate larger dogs such as Great Danes and Mastiffs.

5. Single Door crates are better for smaller breeds

When choosing a crate for your pet, consider your pets size and weight.

Smaller dogs will feel more comfortable in a smaller dog crate and it will be easier to move around when using it to run errands or travel in your vehicle.

Some big dogs may not fit comfortably or at all within the smallest of dog crates.

Larger Great Danes and Mastiffs are going to be uncomfortable in even the largest of crates available on the market with single door designs.

A lot of extra room is needed to accommodate these large breeds comfortably inside their home environment.

6. Usually the most popular size of both single and double door crates is the 36″ crate

This is a size that will fit just about any dog comfortably whether they are large, small or in between.

It also gives your pet room to turn around if they are in an adult-sized crate.

7. For flying you will have to use a larger crate with double doors, but it can be hard to find one at that size that is still airline approved

If you need a crate for flying, then you are going to have to make sure that the dog crate is large enough for your pet to turn around in and also has double doors.

Double door designs will accommodate this requirement better than single door crates, but it can be difficult to find an airline approved one that large.

Typically the biggest size available is 42 inches tall and 30 inches long.

8. The majority of people prefer single over dual door dog crates

Most people who frequent dog forums and blogs are in favor of single over double door crates.

This is because some dogs get anxious or distressed when they are enclosed inside their home environment.

If you have a very excitable dog then you should probably stick with the double door crate, but if you have a calmer animal that is older and not likely to chew anything they shouldn’t, then a single door crate would be better.

9. For dogs that are not picky eaters, then you will most likely be fine with single door crates

Although many people enjoy the use of double door dog crates, the majority of them do not like it.

This is because dogs can chew on hinges and by accident damage their crate if they find it fun to jump around in or get frustrated with getting stuck when they try to get out.

If you have a dog that doesn’t mind eating inside its crate and has never chewed on anything in its home environment, then there is little reason to spend extra money on a double door design.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to deciding whether to go for a single or double door dog crate, the decision is ultimately yours and your dog’s.

Whether you decide to choose a single door model or a double door one, it will be up to you to select the one that is best for you and your individual dog.

If a single door crate is what you like, you can rest assured that there are plenty of them on the market.

The same goes for double door dog crates. It’s up to you and your dog to decide which style is best for you.




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