Why are dogs lazy when it rains? (Fully Explained)

Why are dogs lazy when it rains?

The most obvious and general answer is that it’s just more comfortable inside.

Is that really true though?

Dogs are said to have a great connection with humans, but they may also understand the world around them in ways we don’t, and one very interesting thing that people have noticed is why dogs act so weird when it rains.

19 Ways Dogs Are Affected by the Rain

1. Dogs don’t really like getting wet:
When the rain starts, does your dog ever race back inside as if his life depended on it?

Studies show that 93% of dogs would rather stay inside when it’s raining.

Some dogs even like to curl up in small dark spaces and stay dry.

Just like humans, dogs have a particular temperature that they prefer. When it’s cold outside, they find it uncomfortable to move around.

Dogs adjust their behavior to the environment and are not just lazy when it rains.

2. Wet fur can take hours to dry:
When it rains outside, the fur on your dog’s body gets wet.

As he walks back and forth from the front door to check if it’s clear to go outside, he leaves wet paw prints along the floor.

You may have noticed that when your dog comes back inside from a walk in the rain, his fur is still quite wet.

That’s because water has to evaporate from the fur in order for it to be completely dry.

3. Wet fur causes chills:
Wet fur can cause chills, even in tropical weather if the dog’s skin is directly touching the wet fur for a long period of time.

This can be very dangerous because dogs don’t always show signs of illness when they are sick and it is important to keep an eye on them for this reason.

When a dog’s fur is wet and cold, he has to use more energy and because of this, he will be warmer, which in turn will cause him to sweat.

When a dog sweats, his body temperature may drop to dangerous levels and he can get sick.

4. Dogs don’t like to leave the warmth of your home or car for the cold wet outside:
When it rains, nobody wants to go outside and, consequently, dogs tend to stay indoors as much as possible.

That’s because they prefer the warmth of your home or car over the cold wet outdoors where there is still some rain in the air (which creates a damp environment that can cause chills).

Canines may be less interested in going out during heavy rain because they have nowhere dry and warm to go.

5. Walking on grass or concrete can be uncomfortable  (it’s yucky and a little painful):
If your dog doesn’t like walking on the grass or concrete, it’s probably because he doesn’t want to walk on that slippery surface with his wet fur.

6. When it rains, dogs like to curl up in their beds or get under the protection of something:
A dog’s bed is his “castle” and he likes it to be warm and dry.

The best way to make sure your dog stays comfortable in his bed is by bringing it inside for the night.

It can also be dangerous for your pet to hang around in the rain with wet fur, or with bare paws.

When you bring him back inside, be sure he doesn’t have any small pieces of grass stuck between his toes because this could cause an infection and lead to a potentially serious condition.

Dogs have very sensitive paws and they don’t like having them exposed when it’s wet outside.

7. Can’t play outside in the rain:
Not all dogs can handle being outside while it’s raining.

If your dog is an outdoor enthusiast, she might find it difficult to enjoy the fun time she had planned with you if you’re both outside in the rain.

The thought of getting wet weather from her owner may make her uncomfortable so she may decide to remain indoors instead.

8. Dogs can’t see well or run fast in the rain:
When it rains, dogs may have trouble seeing where they’re going because their eyes get wet and blurry.

They may want to stay indoors for this reason, since there isn’t much to see outside anyway (they might get disoriented or lost).

Dogs’ paws are sensitive and they don’t like having cold muddy puddles on their paws when they go outside.

9. Can’t smell well when it’s raining:
A dog needs to be able to smell things around him while he runs around outside.

They can’t smell as well because their nose is very sensitive and they don’t like having wet fur sticking to it.

10. Can’t hear well when it’s raining:
When it rains, dogs can’t hear as well as they can usually hear and, consequently, they may lose their way or become disoriented in the dark weather.

Dogs are very sensitive to weather conditions so when it rains, they are less interested in going outside because of the weather conditions so that’s why they prefer spending time indoors instead.

11. If wet, the dog’s paws may get cold and painful:
Dogs’ paws are very sensitive and when it rains outside, they need to keep them warm or else they will hurt due to the cold ground.

12. Dogs get scared of thunder:
Big thunderstorms and lightning can scare your dog so much he may want to stay at home instead of going out into the rain.

Thunderstorms are even more terrifying for dogs because they are not used to the noise that accompanies a storm, especially if they haven’t been exposed to these types of weather conditions before.

13. Dogs don’t like to stand in the rain:
Dogs don’t like standing in water, whether it’s shallow or deep.

Dogs will do anything to avoid standing in the rain, so they will try to find something that can help them stay dry.

14.  Dogs just don’t like getting wet:
Dogs are creatures of habit so they like doing the same thing every day, especially if it’s something that they enjoy doing.

Even though dogs enjoy going outside, they don’t like getting wet because it can be very uncomfortable for them.

The sweat on their skin can cause them problems and can cause itching and discomfort, so you should let your dog stay at home when it’s raining outside since you shouldn’t force her to go out if she doesn’t want to.

15.  Dogs can get depressed upon coming home from a walk in the rain:
Dogs can feel depressed and confused when it rains after being exposed to such weather conditions outside, especially if there are thunderstorms and lightning going on during their walk.

If your dog comes home from her walk in the rain and seems depressed, she might be feeling a certain way because of the bad weather conditions outside.

Dogs are also very sensitive to loud noises like thunderstorms and lightning so when they come back inside wet and dirty they might be feeling a little sad and scared.

It’s best to stay indoors when it’s raining outside so your dog won’t have to go through such an uncomfortable experience again.

16. Dogs want to sleep in the dry bed:
Dogs love sleeping in a dry bed because it’s warm and comfortable for them.

If there’s a storm outside and you’re worried about your dog getting wet.

17. Dogs are more likely to be sick when it rains:
Dogs are prone to a number of serious illnesses such as diabetes, UTI’s, bladder problems, urinary tract infections, and lung diseases when it rains outside.

They may also suffer from skin diseases and other illnesses because of their difficult world exposed to harsh weather conditions that can make them feel uncomfortable.

18. Dogs get cold when it rains outside:
Dogs depend on their fur to keep them warm during the wintertime.

When it rains, they can’t dry their fur easily. Their fur is wet so their bodies will be colder than normal and it’s going to be uncomfortable for them to keep warm.

19. Dogs shiver when it’s raining outside:
When your dog comes inside after a long walk in the rain and starts shaking, he might be suffering from hypothermia or hyperthermia .

If his body temperature drops to a level where it’s causing him discomfort, he will start shivering and shaking so placing him near the heater or wrapping him in a warm blanket can help keep his body temperature at a normal level.

Final Thoughts

If your dog appears to be lazy when it rains, remember that dogs never want to get wet, but they also don’t want to get sick or suffer from other illnesses.

They like to come inside and be safe from the rain and they’ll enjoy having a dry bed.

A lot of people like to walk their dogs outside in the rain because it’s fun for them, but don’t force your dog to go out if she doesn’t want to.

You shouldn’t be hard on your dog and you should always be considerate of it when it comes home wet from the rain.

It’ll feel better if it’s in a dry warm bed.




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