Can Dogs Eat Raw Sausages? (Explained)

Dogs can eat raw sausages, but they are not healthy.

So while a dog can eat raw sausages, it’s not recommended.

The Facts

Raw sausages are not good for dogs because they are not cooked. Raw meat can have bacteria that cause the meat to spoil and make people and animals sick. Cooking the sausages kills any bad bacteria that could be on them.

Raw meat is difficult for dogs to digest.

A dog’s stomach is designed to digest only very small amounts of proteins and carbohydrates at one time, so giving them raw meat could upset their stomach or cause diarrhea or vomiting.

Cooked meats break down into smaller pieces much easier for dogs’ stomachs to handle than raw ones do.

Raw meat can also give dogs worms. Worms or other parasites in uncooked meat can make their way into a dog’s intestines and cause infection, so again, if you want to give your dog sausages, do it the safe way by cooking them first!

If you do decide to give your dog sausages, make sure that they are made from 100% beef of pork or chicken and have no preservatives.

Feed your dogs only organic sausages if you want to ensure that they are free from chemicals and other pollutants.

Always check the list of ingredients before purchasing any food especially for dogs. Never use the human food supply as a substitute for pet food.

Did you know that some dogs are allergic to beef? If your dog is allergic to beef sausages, then avoid giving them any other kind of sausage as well, such as turkey or chicken ones.

Also, make sure that you do not feed your dog too many sausages. A serving size for a large dog should be about 1/8 of a pound of sausage meat. For smaller dogs, cut down the serving size accordingly to their weight.

Dogs do not need a diet full of red meat, so avoid giving them sausages more than once or twice a week.

Too much red meat can cause health problems in dogs just as it does in humans. So while your dog can eat raw sausages, just don’t make them a regular part of their diet and they should be fine!

The Key Reasons For Avoiding Raw Sausage

Raw sausages can be harmful to a dog for the following reasons:

1. Salmonella – The meat in a raw sausage contains Salmonella, which can cause a Salmonellosis in dogs.

2. Bacteria – The proteins in raw sausages contain bacteria, such as Escherichia coli and Bacillus cereus that is harmful to dogs

3. Toxins – Certain chemicals/ toxins from the meat can cause reactions on your dog’s skin and digestive system.

4. Heart burns – Large amounts of raw meat in your dog’s stomach can cause your dog to suffer from heartburn, and lead to ulcers in his stomach.

5. Parasites – Raw meat can carry parasites that are also dangerous to humans

6. Bones – Raw sausages with bones in them can be very dangerous for the dogs’ digestive system. The bones can get stuck in his throat or intestines and block the passage of food, which may lead to death if nothing is done.

7. Plastic pieces or bits from packaging- Dogs are not known for their ability to differentiate plastic or metal pieces from actual meat, which could cause tears and damage if swallowed

8. Causes allergies – Dogs that have never had raw meat before are more likely to develop allergies, which could be harmful to the dog in the long term

Many people think that it is okay to feed dogs with raw meat, but it is not. This can cause harm to your dog and even death.

Dogs are not meant to eat raw meat because they did not evolve to eat this way.

It may seem cool, but it’s actually harmful. To keep your dog healthy for a long time and save him from getting sick or worse, dead, make sure you do not feed your dog with any raw meat products.

Make sure you talk to a vet before you start feeding your dog with anything new like this too. If you really want to be cool, just eat dry food instead, that is what your dog was designed for.

Always remember that new foodstuff or “new” things for your dog can have side effects and dangerous results like: vomiting, diarrhoea, sensitivity to other foods such as certain fruits or vegetables, digestive upset (lethargy/hyperactivity/depression), death and so on.

Better safe than sorry right?

If you are going to feed raw meat products to your dogs make sure you do your research first.

Many people think it is okay because the dog is allowed to eat what was given to it in the first place but research shows that in some cases it can cause harm.

Always remember that you are the one who is responsible for the health of your dog.

If you decide to feed him with raw meat products make sure that you are prepared and talk to a vet beforehand.

In Conclusion

We have learned that dogs can eat raw sausages, but it is not good for them. Dogs cannot digest raw meat easily and they can get worms from it as well. However, cooked sausages are a much safer option for dogs to eat!

You also learned that if you want to feed your dog raw sausage, make sure it is made from 100% pure meat and does not contain any preservatives or chemicals. If your dog is allergic to beef, then only give them pork or chicken sausages and do not give them turkey or fish sausage.

Keep it simple and remain safe!



American Kennel Club


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