Dog Won’t Wake Up (Explained and Resolved)

If your dog won’t wake up and you suspect that your dog has a problem, you should see your veterinarian immediately.

There are many reasons why dogs won’t wake up, from common diseases to more serious illnesses or injuries.

The sooner a problem is identified, the better chance they have of getting treated and feeling better soon.

What could be wrong with my dog that’s making them sleepy?

The most common reason for dogs not waking up is that they’re just tired or have been sleeping too much for their normal habits.

When this happens, the body shuts down to conserve energy during sleep and prevent the brain from over-stimulating itself by staying active when it’s not needed.

If you’ve ever fallen asleep in the middle of a movie, you’ll know how much your brain feels like it needs to stay alert while you’re resting—that’s the same effect your dog has.

Dogs just go on sleep cycles, running through several stages before waking up and starting their day when their owner gets home.

When they’ve been sleeping for too long, they can still hear their owners calling them and get a bit irritated by it.

If that happens several times without an owner coming home to call for them, they could become wary of people in general and just decide that they should nap all day.

Being tired or having to sleep more than usual is not the only reason for dogs not waking up.

There are also other more serious conditions that can cause them to remain asleep for a different reason.

The most common problems that can cause dogs to sleep for lengthy periods of time all include the idea of excessive fatigue and sleepiness.

When this happens, they will not wake up periodically and have an overwhelming urge to get more sleep.

There are many reasons why a dog gets tired or sleepy, the main issue is that they’re not going through their natural cycles which trigger them to wake up when it’s time to go out and play.

Dogs that are tired or sleepy will usually sleep for hours on end without moving or doing anything more than curling up where they are.

They can also have trouble waking up and being reactive when they wake up, meaning that they’ll still be tired even though their body is finally awake.

36 common reasons why dogs won’t wake up

1. Serious illness

Some of the most common and serious conditions that can cause dogs to sleep all day long include cancer or other life-threatening diseases.

These illnesses have a delayed effect on the body, often first showing signs around the time of diagnosis and treatment.

The most common of all reasons for dogs not waking up is illness, especially if their body has been under the weather for quite some time.

When they get sick, it can be hard for them to focus on anything but sleeping when the urge strikes them.

It’s easier for them to go through cycles without an owner noticing the effects of their illness on their sleep habits.

2. Threshold of exhaustion

When a dog is feeling more tired than usual, it’s usually because they’ve been going through their normal sleep cycles.

It’s difficult for dogs to recognize when they should be sleeping and when they should be awake, especially if they’re past the point of exhaustion.

Many dogs will sleep for hours without waking up even though their bodies are awake and craving a break.

3. Fears

Dogs with phobias or other fears can become more fearful than usual and stop reacting to things as much as usual.

Fear can make them more docile and stay relaxed all day long, meaning that they’ll sleep longer without waking up.

4. Pain

Dogs can have chronic pain for any number of reasons that make it hard for them to feel up to playing and being energetic.

This can make them more tired than usual, forcing them to sleep through the day until their body recovers enough for them to play around in the yard.

5. Stress

Dogs that are feeling stressed out can have trouble staying awake and active and it’s common for their sleeping patterns to change.

This is common for dogs that have just gotten a new owner or moved into a new home in recent days.

Their system is still adjusting to the drastic change, so they tend to sleep more than usual while getting used to things.

6. Moving around

Dogs that are used to sitting on the couch all day long and don’t like getting up and moving around may find it hard to get enough exercise if they don’t have a walk every day.

This can lead them to become more tired than usual and sleep for much longer before their body can break the cycle enough for them to play.

Dogs that aren’t moving around enough tend to get tired more quickly and sleep for longer periods of time.

7. Old age

As dogs get older, their needs will change and they may become too tired to maintain their previous habits.

This is most common when dogs are getting ready to pass away and their bodies are shutting down bit by bit, making it hard for them to stay awake during the day and sleep well at night.

8. Overstimulation

Some dogs that are used to being active and having a lot of stuff happening around them will quickly become overstimulated by new shiny things or other novel sights.

They will go into overdrive when they’re outside, wanting to go on a run or get back into the yard and play with their friends.

If their owner doesn’t stop this constant excitement, it can make the dog too tired for proper sleep.

9. Adrenal issues

Dogs that have been diagnosed with adrenal issues or other conditions can find themselves unable to wake up in the morning.

The reason for this is often because they are too tired for their normal activities, meaning that they still need time to adjust and take their medicine every day.

10. Sleeping disorders

There are many dogs that suffer from sleeping disorders, from narcolepsy to compulsive disorders and everything in between.

Any of these issues can make them sleep too deeply at night and sleep too late into the morning during the day.

11. Diabetes

Dogs with diabetes may wake up feeling tired during the day because their body is constantly making adjustments to keep them healthy and safe.

The more regulated blood sugar is, the easier it will be for them to stay awake all day long without falling asleep or having strange symptoms such as fatigue and exhaustion.

12. Too much food

Dogs that are on diets or eating too much food at once can have trouble sleeping properly.

They will be overly full and full of energy, which may make them feel restless even after a long bout of sleep the night before.

13. Exposure to toxins

Dogs that aren’t used to being around harmful things such as chemicals, pesticides, or other bad toxins may become more tired than usual during the day because their body is reacting negatively to the change in environment.

14. Change in routine

Dogs that are used to having their daily routine disrupted will have trouble falling asleep at night when something changes in their routine.

If they don’t sleep properly at night, they may be even more sleepy than normal during the day and start exhibiting more unusual sleeping habits.

15. Dehydration/too much water

Dogs that are always drinking, or drinking enough water may find it hard to stay awake when they are too dry.

Their systems will become imbalanced as a result, so they will feel more tired than usual and sleep deeply into the morning.

16. Obesity

Dogs that are overweight or too fat can find it very difficult to stay up during the day because of how full their systems are.

They will be too heavy and sluggish for their bodies to be able to function properly without feeling extremely tired.

17. Dogs ears are clogged

Dogs that have ears that are clogged up from a wound or infection may find it hard to wake up during the day because they are too tired to hear what’s going on around them.

18. Not being able to see

Dogs that have lost their eyesight will struggle with more than just getting around.

They may not be able to open their eyes as well and to be able to see what’s going on, making them anxious, scared, and very sleepy until they adjust to life without sight.

19. Dogs won’t wake up because sleeping is fun

This is a rare reason that dogs will sleep throughout the day, but it’s very real.

Some dogs just like to sleep and will find a place to do so no matter what their owner does.

This is especially common with pups that have been abandoned by their mothers or otherwise left alone while they are still pups.

20. The owner’s bed is too comfy

Dogs that have been taken to bed with their owners when they’re sleeping may find that this is the best place in the whole world for them to rest.

They will start sleeping more there than anywhere else and won’t be able to wake up because they’ve gotten used to the comfy beds.

21. Temperature differences

Dogs that are used to sleeping in cool or warm places may struggle with temperatures that are too cold or hot for them.

They won’t be able to sleep or wake up properly, and may even get really sick if they start to overheat while they’re sleeping.

22. Medications

Dogs might sleep through the day because they have taken too many drugs at once.

Whether this is intentional or an accident, the dog won’t be able to wake up for hours and may even end up in the hospital because of it.

23. Left alone too long

Dogs that have been left alone for far too long might find that they can’t get up once they’ve gotten used to the feeling of being alone.

This can make them very lonely and angry, causing a lot of stress that they will need time to overcome.

24. Overwhelmed by the world

Overwhelmed dogs will often sleep during the day because they don’t want to be awake and see all of their new surroundings.

It’s hard for them to understand what’s going on and why, so they often hide away from everyone until their owner can help them adjust.

25. No game to play

Dogs that are used to playing every day during the afternoons and evenings may struggle with staying up during the day because they won’t have anything to do.

They won’t want to sleep all day, but they’ll be bored, restless, and unable to get up on their own.

26. Sick puppy

New puppies will have a hard time staying awake and getting themselves well during the day because they aren’t used to being sick or living with other dogs yet.

They will need help from a professional that knows what needs to be done for them until they’re able to get back on track.

27. No other dogs around

Dogs that have never had the chance to see other dogs in their lives may struggle with socialization when they finally get to meet some.

They won’t know how to react, and will start sleeping all day because they’re too scared to get up and be around strange dogs.

28. Too many dogs around

New or young dogs that have just gotten a new sibling will find that they aren’t able to stay awake during the day for very long.

The more time that passes, the more well adjusted they will be to having another dog around them, but at first, it can feel like too much for their bodies to handle and they will sleep a lot until it’s adjusted.

29. Dogs are excited to be home

Dogs that have been gone for a long time or been away on vacation with their owners may find that they can’t stay awake at all when they get back home.

They will have trouble waking up and will love being around their owners more than ever before as they settle back into their normal sleeping patterns.

30. Boredom

Dogs that have nothing to do at home other than eat and sleep may find themselves too bored after a while.

They won’t want to spend the whole day sleeping, but they’ll need help making sure that they are getting enough exercise in order to stay awake during the day.

31. Being the new person

Dogs that are used to being the very oldest or youngest of their pack will struggle with being the new person in their owners family.

They’ll need help adjusting to being the leader, and may find it hard to stay awake during the day because they’re too tired to put on a front for everyone.

32. Nose is blocked

Dogs that have allergies or had surgery that has affected their sense of smell may find it hard to stay awake during the day because they can’t smell anything around them when they sleep.

33. Bad weather

Weather and temperature changes may be so extreme while dogs are sleeping that it makes it very difficult for them to wake up and get up right away.

34. Poor nutrition

Dogs that have recently gotten food poisoning, inadequate nutrition, or poor quality diets might find that they aren’t able to wake up during the day because their body is weaker than usual because of it.

35. Craziness

Certain medical conditions may make it difficult for dogs to stay awake during the day because they can’t keep up with everything going on around them and will start to feel overwhelmed by everything they see and smell.

36. Natural time of day

It may also be perfectly natural for some dogs to sleep during the day.

They will be the same types of dog that are more active during the night while you sleep, and sleeping in the day will help to restore their energy so they can stay awake at night.

Final Thoughts

The reasons that dogs sleep are so many and varied, there is no wrong answer when it comes to why your dog isn’t waking up during the day.

Understanding what might be going on with your dog will make it easier for you to figure out a solution that will work best for them, and knowing your dog is completely normal if they’re sleeping a lot during the day may help you adjust more easily as well.

Whether you have a dog that sleeps all day and night or just sleeps during the day, you should try to treat your dog with respect.

The more attention that you give to your dog the more active and awake they will be, so it’s always important for your dog to feel like they are part of the family.

If you’ve been having a hard time with your dog, take some time to pause and look around.

There may be something in your house that is making it difficult for your dog to stay awake during the day.

If you don’t think that there’s anything wrong with them, then you can probably just continue to ignore it or contact your vet and see what they have to say about it.





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