How to Get a Cat Out From Under a Car Seat (Some Easy Tips)

If you have ever been trying to get a cat out from under a car seat and had no idea what to do, this article is for you.

I will tell you how to get your cat out without hurting it or yourself.

Following these steps will ensure a successful and safe operation.

12 Ways to Get a Cat Out From Under a Car Seat

1. Use a cat toy as bait:
Use a cat toy that won’t harm the cat, like yarn or string.

Tie it to the end of a stick. Or use a stick to poke under the car seat so that the cat will see the toy and go get it.

Then just wait until the cat runs over to get it and then gently push her out from under the car seat with your arms.

2. Gently throw the toy under the seat:
Look underneath the car seat and find where your cat is hiding.

Once you see your cat, gently toss the toy from under the seat so that it lands near her.

Make sure to get it close enough so that she can see her, but far enough so that she can’t reach over and bite you.

3. Tap on the cat’s paws with a card or stick:
After the cat has seen the toy, gently tap your stick on her paws to get her to move.

Don’t do this too hard, don’t hurt her. Just tap lightly so that she moves away from under the seat and runs over and gets the toy.

4. Lure the kitty out from under the car seat with food:
Once your cat is staring at the toy, you can try putting some food in front of her.

Don’t throw it or push it on her, just place it gently on the floor near your cat.

She will probably just try to ignore you, so try to get her to take a bite and then gently move her away from under the car seat with your hand.

5. Take away all distractions from your cat and try to get her out by calling her:
Now that your cat is close to the toy, try calling her once or twice.

If she doesn’t come, try a few more times.

If she still doesn’t come, then take away all other distractions around your cat and call her one more time.

She may still ignore you, so if she does this time, keep calling her until she comes to you.

6. Cover the cat in something big and soft:
If you can’t get your cat to come out from under the car seat using food, then gather up a big blanket, like a beach blanket or comforter.

Place it on top of your kitty and gently move it around so that she moves under another part of it. This will ensure that she can’t get back under the car seat.

7. Spray the cat with a water bottle:
If she’s still not coming out from under that car seat, then you might want to spritz some water on her.

Just make sure that it isn’t cold out and that it’s safe to spray water on your cat.

8. Talk to the cat:
If your cat is ignoring you and won’t come out, then try talking to her.

She may come out when she hears you, so talk to her while you move the big blanket around.

9. Keep calm as you work at getting the cat out from under the car seat:
If your cat still won’t come, try not to get nervous and upset.

If you do this calmly, she might be a little less afraid of you and might come out from underneath the car seat.

10. Try to push the cat out with a broom, don’t use a stick – it could poke its eye out:
If your cat still won’t come out from under the car seat, then you can try to gently push her back.

Be careful though that you don’t hurt her – she is already frightened.

Try pushing under the car seat with a broom, just make sure that you do this very gently so that she doesn’t get hurt.

11. What to do next:
Now that you have gotten your cat out from under the car seat, watch her closely to make sure that she is okay after this ordeal.

Make sure that she isn’t wet, hurt or cold.

Give her some time alone if she wants it and don’t push yourself onto her. Let her calm down and then go back to her in a little while.

Now that you have gotten her out from under the car seat, she will be less scared and will come out from underneath the car seat more easily if she is ever there again.

12. Make sure to reward your cat after all of this:
After you finally get your cat out from under the car seat, make sure to give her lots of praise.

Don’t push yourself on her – let her relax at first.

Once she is calm, then you can pet her and love her.

Now that your cat has made it out from under the car seat, you might want to take her for a walk around the house.

This will help to get some of the excess energy out of her and will also make her more comfortable with being in your home again.

Final Thoughts

If you follow these tips and tricks on how to Get Cat out from under the car seat, you will be able to solve the problem easily without any problem.

Keep in mind that never startle or annoy your cat while she’s under the car seat.

Try with all the tips provided above and if some of them work for you while others don’t, try another one.




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