Why Is My Cat Attracted to My Crystals? (All Is Revealed)

Cats are not just cute furry animals that will play with you when they feel like it. They are also creatures that have an energy of their own that many people can not see with the naked eye.

It’s not just a random coincidence that cats have a penchant for crystals – it’s likely something to do with the vibrations emitted from these hard, smooth objects.

Cats are known to be attracted to crystals because they vibrate at a frequency very similar to their purr.

I now want to offer some further explanations as to why our cats are attracted to crystals.

7 Reasons Why Cats are Attracted to Crystals?

1. Because cats are sensitive to the vibrations in crystals
Cats have an affinity with crystals because they can pick up on the energy they emit and like the comforting feelings it gives them.

I will explain how in my next point.

2. Cat’s are animals with a psychic ability and they can pick up on energies that people cannot see
Cats are very close to the spiritual side of energy.

They have a lot of natural abilities pertaining to the spiritual realm which no one can see.

Cats have the ability to pick up on energies that people cannot see.

That is why my cat can sense crystals are there. They are also able to see spirits.

I have heard many stories of how cats have helped people who are dealing with negative spirits.

A cats’ sense of hearing is much more sensitive than our own and they are able to pick up on frequencies we can’t hear.

They can hear better than dogs and twice as good as humans.

They are also extremely sensitive to vibrations, rivaling even that of a dog’s sense of smell.

Cats use their whiskers for balance and direction, so it’s not surprising that they have evolved into creatures with such heightened senses.

2. Crystals have a calming influence on animals
A crystal can be very soothing for a cat.

It will cause the cat to relax and feel safe and comfortable that it is in its element with something that is not natural to them.

Not only that, but it makes the cat feel more comfortable in general.

Crystals are smooth, cool, heavy and comforting to small creatures like cats who are always on the move.

The vibrations emitted from crystals can also calm the cat when it is feeling stressed.

3. You have a positive energy field around them
Cats are very sensitive and can pick up on your energy field around you.

Your crystal has a calming effect on your cat due to the strong energy field that surrounds it.

The strong feelings of love that you emit towards the crystal will transfer into the crystals’ natural vibrations and pass onto your cat, making it calm down and rest.

4. Crystals are very soothing to the cat’s body
Cats have an affinity for crystals because their energy gets absorbed into the body of the crystal.

This can actually be used as a way to help heal your cat if it is sick.

It can also help if your cat is going through certain emotions such as anxiety, stress or depression.

It will comfort and soothe it in a way that no human can.

Crystals have been used for healing purposes for many years and shouldn’t be shunned just because they are natural.

4. Your cat has the same fascination with your crystals that it does with other shiny objects
Because crystals are fun to look at and play with, your cat naturally wants to do this with them as well because other shiny objects have made him feel good in the past.

Crystals, unlike other shiny objects, are not very scary or dangerous and so they feel safewith them.

5. They like the sound of crystal chimes
Not only does your cat like the feel of crystals, but it likes to hear them too.

It can hear crystal chimes very well and this is another good reason why your cat would want to sniff them out.

The chimes give them a soothing sound that calms them down and gives them a sense of calm.

6. Crystals and cats usually work very well together
Cats find crystals to be soothing and calming, they work together very well as kindred spirits with one another because their calming effects fit with each other nicely.

They will often be found in the same place in your home, in your bedroom, by the fireplace or even draped around your neck.

Because they can work together so well, it is best to have a crystal in every room of your home.

Your cat will then stay calm and relaxed in every room because of the soothing vibrations that will give it a sense of calm.

Cats are attracted to crystals because they bring with them feelings of home and safety.

They are comforting to feel close to something they know is not harmful but comforting.

If you feel an affinity with crystals yourself or you can’t resist their alluring qualities, then cats will instinctively understand this and love them just like they love you.

Final Thoughts

Cats can be attracted to crystals because they resonate and emit the same frequency as other similar objects, such as shiny objects.

It is soothing to them and makes them feel safe and comfortable when near them.

It is also because they pick up on the feelings you have for them and the crystal, so they feel the same as you do when near them.


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